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If you’ve been seriously injured in a semi-truck accident you need to speak with an experienced trucking accident lawyer Mesa from the Ferguson Law Group as soon as possible. Due to the massive weight and size of semi-trucks, they can be the most dangerous vehicles on the road. Since a semi-truck tends to weigh 30 times more than the average passenger vehicle, a collision between a passenger vehicle and a commercial truck it’s more likely to result in catastrophic injuries or death. An experienced truck wreck lawyer will help you hold the negligent trucker and other liable parties responsible for your injuries and other damages related to the accident.

Common Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents

When a semi-truck causes an accident, there can be several reasons for the crash. In some cases that trucker is to blame, while, in others, faulty brakes, poor maintenance, or improper cargo loading can be the cause. Regardless of what has caused the accident, the victim deserves compensation. Whether the truck collision is caused by trucking company negligence or a distracted truck driver, the accident victim should meet with an attorney who will help them seek the compensation they deserve.

Driver Error

When a trucker fails to follow the rules of the road, every motorist on the road is put in danger. Speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or distracted driving, as well as other factors, can contribute to an accident. When truck driver error is to blame for an accident, the results can be catastrophic. Since driving intoxicated, distracted driving, and speeding can all contribute to a decrease in reaction time, fatalities and injuries are much higher in these circumstances.

Brake Failure

The braking system in a semi-truck is much different than the brakes found in passenger vehicles. Air brakes are used in large commercial trucks and are specifically designed to stop these heavy pieces of machinery. When brakes fail, the resulting accident can be devastating. Often, a semi-truck with brake failure ends up running into a stopped vehicle or rolling over it. This type of accident often results in fatalities or catastrophic injuries.

Tire Blowout

Strips of tire tread found on the sides of the road can be used as evidence that a semi-truck lost one of its many tires. There are several ways accidents can occur due to tire blowout. When attempting to get to the side of the road, a semi-truck can lose control and a piece of the falling tire can result in an accident upon striking another vehicle or as a road hazard for oncoming motorists.

Compensation for Truck Accident Victims

A semi-truck accident can cause many financial hardships for the victim and their family. In a non-fatal accident, the accident victim can sustain devastating injuries. These injuries can prevent the victim from enjoying life, returning to work, or living as they normally would. For catastrophic injuries, the accident victims should receive compensation that will help ease their suffering and restore a semblance of normalcy to their life. After a fatal semi-truck accident, the accident victim’s family members can sue on behalf of the victim.

Medical Expenses

Multiple surgeries, hospitalization, prescription medication, rehabilitative therapy, and tests can accumulate after a semi-truck accident. Even if the accident victim has health insurance, these costs can lead to significant debt. The accident victim should not be responsible for the medical expenses incurred as the result of a trucking accident. Instead, the entity or person to blame for the accident should provide compensation to the accident victim.

Lost Wages

The injuries sustained after a trucking accident can be life-changing. For some accident victims, it may be impossible for them to ever return to work. When catastrophic injuries are sustained as a result of a trucking accident and the victim is no longer able to work, an attorney can hold the negligent parties responsible for lost wages, as well as loss of future earning capacity.

Pain and Suffering

The mental and emotional anguish that results after a trucking accident can be devastating. Anxiety, depression, and PTSD, among other conditions, can result from the trauma of the accident and can be very debilitating. Accident victims can receive compensation for both physical and emotional pain and suffering in a trucking accident claim.

Proving Fault After a Trucking Accident

During the investigation, a trucking accident attorney must identify who is responsible for the accident. When determining who should provide compensation for the accident victim there are many possibilities. The trucker, trucking company, company responsible for loading the cargo, the company or person responsible for maintaining the truck, and other parties can be held liable. Once the cause of the trucking accident has been determined and the party or parties at fault have been identified, a truck wreck lawyer can proceed with the case and help the accident victim receive the compensation they deserve.

State and Federal Laws for Truck Drivers

Both state and federal laws were implemented to help prevent semi-truck accidents. For the most part, these laws and regulations are the same all over the country. When the state and federal rules are followed, the chances of injuries or fatalities from trucking accidents significantly decrease. However, when these rules are not followed, the victims of a trucking accident should file a claim for compensation for the injuries they sustained.

Rule Violations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has strict rules that are designed to keep the trucker and other motorists on the roads, safe. This includes rules that require the trucker to take rests after driving for a certain length of time. These driving limitations are meant to prevent fatigued truckers from operating vehicles that can weigh up to 80,0000 pounds when they’re physically and mentally exhausted. Unfortunately, some trucking companies will offer incentives to their drivers for delivering their cargo on time or early. This can lead to the trucker driving longer than the eleven consecutive hours they’re allowed to. After driving for a period of eleven hours, a trucker is required to take ten hours of rest. A trucker’s driving times are logged in their driving logbook. In some cases, a trucker will falsify these records, to make it appear as though they have been following federal guidelines. Unfortunately, driver fatigue is one of the most common causes of trucking accidents.

An attorney will request a driver’s logbook and other information that can help them prove the driver is at fault. If the trucking company offered incentives to deliver the cargo early or on time, they can also be held liable for the accident.

Should I Speak with an Insurance Company After a Truck Accident?

No. A trucking company’s insurance carrier will most likely contact you shortly after the accident. They will want to hear your side of the story and will request to record your statement. Insurance companies will ask confusing or misleading questions that can trick the accident victim into admitting partial or full fault for the accident. They will also use the recorded statement against you, hoping to minimize payout. You should never speak with an insurance company without first speaking to a truck wreck attorney. In most cases, your 18-wheeler attorney will take over all communication with an insurance company to help protect your claim and your rights.

Should I Accept a Settlement Offer from an Insurance Company?

No, not without first speaking to an attorney. In most cases, an insurance company will offer a lowball settlement amount. The insurance company’s goal is to pay out as little as possible. When you have an attorney by your side, an insurance company is more likely to offer a fair settlement amount. Without an attorney, an insurance company will try to take advantage of you.

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