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If you’re the victim of a trucking accident, your injuries and other losses may be severe, or even life-changing. As you search for answers on what to do next, you should know what your legal options and rights are. A top trucking accident lawyer Maryvale at the Ferguson Law Group can help guide you through this complex legal process and hold those responsible for your injuries and other damages, liable. With an attorney by your side, you have a significantly higher chance of receiving the settlement amount you deserve, one that will cover all of your losses and make you financially whole.

Truck Wreck Lawyers Have the Resources and Skills to Investigate this Type of Complex Accident

The strength of a claim depends heavily on the quality of the investigation into the accident. A thorough investigation takes time since there are usually so many factors involved in a trucking accident, from the condition of the cargo and the truck to the cause of the accident and the trucker’s actions leading up to it.

At the Ferguson Law Group, we’re prepared to gather all of the important facts about your accident to prove the driver was negligent and establish the full value of damages. This can include visiting the scene of the accident, evaluating the trucker’s driving history for violations of regulations or traffic citations, evaluating your medical records and injuries, and speaking with eyewitnesses.

Claim Value

The settlement an accident victim deserves, and needs isn’t just a random number. The settlement a Maryvale trucking accident attorney will seek will be based on a life plan that’s designed to provide compensation for current and future accident-related needs.

This can include pain and suffering, lost opportunity, lost present and future income, property losses, rehabilitation, and present and future medical bills.

Filing a Lawsuit

Typically, a trucking accident case is resolved through an insurance settlement. In some cases, an insurance company will not offer the compensation a victim deserves. When an insurance company is refusing to budge in negotiations, the last resort may be to file a lawsuit.

Our truck wreck lawyers in AZ are prepared to file a lawsuit if settlement negotiations are not successful. One of the biggest benefits of having a lawyer that has trial experience is that it can make an insurance company more likely to negotiate and offer a settlement that’s fair. This may even help you avoid a trial.

However, if going to trial is necessary, you can rest assured that the trucking accident attorneys at the Ferguson Law Group will help prepare you and keep you up to date regarding case progress, every step of the way. We know the thought of going to trial is very overwhelming and stressful and we want you to feel confident that we will have built a strong case that will hold the liable parties responsible for your injuries.

Extent of Damages

Placing a value on a claim can also require examining the extent of damages in an accident victim’s claim, including the severity of the injuries.

With moderate or severe accidents, the injuries can result in ambulance transportation, hospitalization, in addition to ongoing care for permanent or serious injuries. Building a claim with a trucking accident lawyer requires taking into account all of the resulting expenses of the accident, in addition to non-economic damages including pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and loss of companionship.

Who Can Be Held Liable in A Trucking Accident Claim?

A trucking accident is much different than one that involves two passenger vehicles. This is mainly because a trucker is usually employed by a trucking company. As the employer of the driver who caused the accident, the trucking company may be held liable.

Other parties who can be held liable for a truck accident can include:

  • Contractors or local government
  • Cargo owners
  • Vendors
  • Truck part manufacturers

Why Should I File an Accident Claim?

Accident victims can choose to file a trucking accident claim to seek compensation for their injuries and the losses they suffered as the result of the accident. These types of losses can refer to resulting trauma, effects on physical health, financial losses, and the other costs that are associated with the accident.

The main reason for filing a truck accident claim is to recover the damages from wrongful death, property damage, and personal injury.

These damages are very costly for the average person, and not just economically. Trauma, pain and suffering, mental distress, and other types of non-economic damages can influence a person’s physical health and mental well-being.

Common Types of Trucking Accidents

Regardless of the type of trucking accident you were involved in, if you have suffered significant damages and believe that the accident was caused due to negligence, you may have a valid legal claim.

Some of the most common types of trucking accidents that are caused by negligence include:


This type of accident involves a semi-truck tipping over onto its side. These accidents usually occur when a trucker is driving too fast on a decline or up an incline or when the truck is carrying too much cargo.

Tire Blowouts

Tire blowouts significantly increase the risk of accidents because the trucker may lose control. Because of this, truckers must carefully monitor the condition of their tires. If they don’t, they may be held liable.

Underride Accidents

If a trucker slams on their brakes suddenly, the driver behind them may slam into the back of the truck. Since the bottom of trailers is usually much higher than the passenger vehicle’s hood, the vehicle may slide under the back. This will put the passenger vehicle occupants at risk for fatal or severe injuries.


A head-on accident is probably the most dangerous type due to the major weight and size difference between the truck and a passenger vehicle. These accidents are often caused by driver fatigue or driving under the influence of alcohol.

Air Brakes

When a truck’s air brakes fail, the truck is a danger to all vehicles on the road. This is especially true if the truck is going downhill. Air brake failures can be the result of failure to replace the brakes when needed or poor maintenance practices.


A truck requires more space to stop compared to your average passenger car. If the trucker isn’t paying attention, they’re intoxicated, or the trucker fails to give himself enough space to come to a complete stop, the risk of a rear-end accident is very high.

Lost Load

A lost load accident happens when cargo spills out of the truck and onto the road or hits other vehicles. These accidents are usually due to the cargo not being loaded or secured properly. In this type of case, the company responsible for loading the cargo can be held liable.

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