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Because of the speed and size of semi-trucks and other types of commercial trucks, fatigued drivers, loss of control, and other major issues can turn trucks into lethal, heavy, and incredibly dangerous vehicles. An accident with a commercial truck often results in catastrophic injuries or death.

If you have been involved in a truck accident, contact a trucking accident lawyer Glendale at the Ferguson Law Group as soon as possible. We can help guide you through this type of complex legal process and protect your claim as we fight to ensure you receive maximum compensation for your injuries and other losses.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, which makes these vehicles lethal projectiles in an accident. Because of this, truckers are required to undergo rigorous training and follow strict driving schedules to reduce the risk of accidents.

However, serious accidents still happen. These accidents are often caused by the following:

  • Mechanical failure
  • Driver fatigue
  • Improperly maintained vehicles
  • Poorly trained drivers
  • Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol
  • Speeding
  • Aggressive driving
  • Defective truck parts

Liability in a Truck Accident

Because there are potentially many liable parties involved, truck accident claims are more complicated than other personal injury claims.

In a truck accident, there are several components to consider when an attorney is investigating the claim and determining who is liable for the accident.

The trucker can be held liable if they ignored the rules and laws set before them while performing their job.

The trucking company can be held responsible if they encouraged their driver to ignore the rules and laws, such as truck maintenance and taking the required rest breaks on the road.

The truck’s manufacturer can be held liable if the truck malfunctioned, causing the collision.

The cargo company that loaded the truck can also be held responsible if the products that the truck was hauling were not loaded properly, causing the accident.

Building a Case

Even vigilant and careful drivers cannot prevent a catastrophic accident with a commercial truck. Unfortunately, it’s usually the occupants of the passenger vehicle who end up with life-threatening or fatal injuries. Those who are seriously injured in the accident are often looking at a long recovery process that involves several weeks, months, or years of medical treatment and rehabilitative therapy.

Commercial truck accidents require an in-depth knowledge of the trucking industry, the rules and regulations, the mechanical operation of semi-trucks, and the physics of a truck accident.

Well-documented evidence will help to establish liability, so you can hold the at-fault parties responsible for your injuries and other losses.

These cases tend to be more complex than accidents that involve two passenger vehicles because trucking accidents often have more than one liable party, such as the trucking company and/or the company that was responsible for loading the truck. Additionally, the entity or person who was responsible for maintaining and repairing the commercial truck can also be held liable if they failed to make appropriate repairs. Even a truck or trailer part manufacturer can be held liable if a defective truck or trailer part contributed to the accident.

At the Ferguson Law Group, we will work closely with leading accident reconstruction experts, forensic scientists, medical specialists, private investigators, and other professionals to prepare the evidence for a strong case.

Preserving the Evidence

We will immediately go into action to investigate your case. It will be necessary to visit the accident site, review the driver’s logbook, the damaged vehicles, and the police report. Unfortunately, if the trucking company is not contacted soon after the accident, much of the evidence, such as records and logs may be destroyed, misplaced, or lost. Cell phone records, vehicle maintenance records, and the driver’s logs can be valuable evidence when it comes to determining liability and fault in a truck accident case.

Because of this, it’s crucial for an accident victim to move quickly when it comes to protecting their claim. A trucking company will have defense attorneys and insurance companies at the accident scene collecting evidence and looking out for the trucking company’s best interests.

An accident victim and their family also need a committed advocate in their corner who will protect their best interests and fight for their rights.

Claim Value

The potential value of a claim depends on many factors. It’s important for the accident victim to understand the value of their claim since it’s very common for an insurance company to offer an inadequate settlement.

By accepting the initial offer made by the insurance adjuster, you’re forfeiting your right to pursue any additional compensation in the future, even if your medical condition worsens over time. Basically, if the settlement the insurance adjuster offers covers your immediate medical expenses but does not compensate you for any medical treatment needed in the future, you will have to pay for those costs out of pocket.

There are several ways to calculate damages in a truck accident claim. Medical professionals can provide an estimate of medical bills, future treatment costs, and hospitalization fees. You will also need to calculate how much you have lost in terms of wages.

You may also need to consider lost future income and loss of earning potential if the injuries you sustained prevent you from working in the future.

In terms of non-economic damage value, you may need help determining the financial value for damages such as loss of consortium and pain and suffering.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies

Insurance adjusters are highly trained negotiators that have one goal and that’s to pay out as little as possible. If you attempt to negotiate with an insurance adjuster on your own, you’ll quickly find yourself backed into a corner. Many insurance adjusters can be very aggressive and will pressure an accident victim to accept a low offer and are not willing to negotiate. This can be very overwhelming for the accident victim.

Once an insurance company finds out that an accident victim has hired an attorney, they are often much more willing to discuss settlement options.

At the Ferguson Law Group, we have extensive experience negotiating with insurance companies.

We know all the tricks and tactics they will try to use, and we won’t back down until they offer a fair settlement for all of your damages. If the insurance company is refusing to budge, we will sit down with you and discuss your legal options. If we feel it’s in your best interest to take your case to court and you agree, we will immediately prepare to take your case to trial and present the evidence in front of a judge.

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