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If you or a loved one have been seriously injured in an incident that wasn’t your fault, you can pursue a personal injury lawsuit or file a claim. Personal injury law exists so that innocent people can seek justice after they have been harmed or wronged by a negligent individual or entity. No one should have to suffer because of someone else’s negligence. The best way to fight this type of damage to your person, property, and legal rights is to speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer Camelback East from the Ferguson Law Group.

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Your Personal Injury Case

Personal injury law involves various types of cases, such as:

Regardless of how you may have been injured, our lawyers can help. At the Ferguson Law Group, our personal injury attorneys have successfully represented accident victims as well as the families of those who have died as the result of negligence.

How to Prepare for Your Personal Injury Lawyer Consultation

After you’ve been injured in an incident or accident, securing appropriate medical treatment should be your top priority. Aside from that, there are many steps you can take that will help an attorney establish the validity of your claim or a potential lawsuit.

Collect Evidence

Any photos or paperwork that can support your version of the events that led up to your accident will be helpful to your legal team. Document as much evidence as you can by writing down everything you remember in the moments that led up to and following the accident. Make sure you include the times that you recalled events occurring, such as the time of the accident, the time the ambulance arrived, and include any supporting documentation such as a police report or hospital records.

Write Down Witness Information

Write down contact information for any people who witnessed the accident. This should include their full name, phone number, and address.

Avoid Speaking to an Insurance Company

Avoid speaking with a representative of the negligent party’s insurance company. If you were involved in a car accident, an insurance company will be quick to contact you to request a statement and ask for your side of the events. This is often done to trick accident victims into admitting fault or helping the insurance adjuster poke holes in your story. Instead of speaking to an insurance company, contact an attorney. An attorney will take over all communication with insurance companies and defense attorneys to protect your rights and your claim.

Do I Have a Personal Injury Claim?

One of the most common questions an accident victim has following an accident is whether they have a claim. To determine if you have a claim, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Were you injured?
  • How badly were you injured?
  • Were your injuries due to the negligent actions of another person or entity?
  • Have you been unable to return to work or perform other activities of daily living due to your injuries?

Once a lawyer has determined the severity and extent of your injuries, their attention will shift to who should be held liable for the harm sustained. An experienced personal injury lawyer such as those at the Ferguson Law Group can provide valuable legal advice when it comes to the insurance claims process.

Getting the Compensation You Deserve

After an accident that was caused by the negligent actions of another person or entity, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries and other damages. However, you may be surprised to learn that many victims never get the money they deserve. Unfortunately, not everyone knows their rights or how the legal process works. It’s common for accident victims to wait until it’s too late to pursue a claim, or they end up negotiating with an insurance company alone and end up with a low settlement amount.

Insurance adjusters deal with thousands of claims a year. Their main goal is to pay out as little as possible if anything at all. Don’t let an insurance company take advantage of you. Let a knowledgeable and highly experienced Arizona personal injury lawyer at the Ferguson Law Group handle the legal process for you and protect your rights.

The Value of Your Personal Injury Case

Every personal injury case is unique. Since no situation is exactly the same, there’s no simple way to calculate what your case may be worth. Only an AZ personal injury attorney who knows all the facts of your situation can help you determine what your claim may be worth.

Value Factors

How much your claim is worth can depend on many factors. Some accident victims may receive just a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars for minor injuries and other losses. Other personal injury victims can walk away with millions of dollars, in cases where the injuries were permanent and catastrophic and there was significant insurance coverage.

Some of the factors that can impact how much a case is worth includes:

  • The severity of the injuries
  • How much evidence there is to prove the at-fault party’s negligence
  • How much insurance coverage is available
  • How sympathetic a jury would be to you and your injuries
  • Where your case would go to trial
  • How much time was missed from work
  • Value of property damage
  • The skills and experience of your attorney

Over the years, the legal experts at the Ferguson Law Group have helped hundreds of personal injury victims in Arizona obtain maximum compensation for their injuries and other losses.

When you work with one of our attorneys, you’re doing much more than just hiring a lawyer. We understand the complexities of Arizona’s personal injury law thanks to several years of experience helping our clients win their claims.

Our team of skilled and knowledgeable attorneys will take care of everything so you can focus on your recovery.

If you retain one of our attorneys, we will file a claim on your behalf and fight for every penny you deserve for your injuries, damaged property, lost wages, medical expenses, and other losses. If an insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement, we will meet with you to discuss your legal options and determine whether you would benefit if the case goes to trial. If you agree to file a lawsuit, we will get to work right away and ensure we present a case that clearly shows the negligent party should be held responsible for your injuries and other damages.

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