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Each year, thousands of motorcyclists are injured in accidents in the United States. Unfortunately, since a motorcyclist lacks the protection that passenger cars can provide its drivers, the motorcyclist often sustains severe or fatal injuries.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact a motorcycle accident lawyer Estrella at the Ferguson Law Group today to speak to an experienced attorney who can help guide you through this complex legal process and protect your rights.

How a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help

After an accident, you have two options for securing compensation for your injuries and other damages: a personal injury lawsuit or a personal injury claim.

It’s important that you understand the difference between the two.

In a personal injury claim, you’ll file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance provider and/or your insurance provider.

Immediately following an accident, an insurance adjuster will begin an investigation to determine liability. Once the investigation has been completed, you will engage in negotiations with an insurance adjuster who will offer you a settlement meant to compensate you for your property damage, financial losses, and injuries. By accepting the settlement, you are basically agreeing to give up your right to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver in court.

After a motorcycle accident, a personal injury claim is usually the first course of action. If negotiations fall apart and the insurance company is unwilling to offer you adequate compensation for your injuries, then you may need to file a lawsuit.

A lawsuit is a civil legal action in which the accident victim makes a demand for money damages that will consider the extent of his or her injuries and any other losses suffered that are a direct result of the accident.

Many lawsuits will settle before reaching trial; however, some will go to trial and a judge or jury will determine the amount of money the accident victim is entitled to receive.

Common Injuries in a Motorcycle Accident

Most injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident affect part of the lower body. Common motorcycle accident-related injuries can include broken bones, road rash, spine, and back injuries. These injuries are often severe and can require several weeks or months of recovery before the accident victim is able to return to work.

In some cases, the accident victim sustained permanent disabilities that can require them to change careers or can prevent them from returning to work at all.

Damages Available in a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit or Claim

The ultimate goal of any motorcycle accident claim or a lawsuit is to secure compensation for the accident victim’s injuries and other damages that he or she suffered.

If successful, the accident victim can expect to receive compensation for the following types of damages:

Past and Future Medical Expenses

You can receive full compensation for the costs of any past and future medical treatment needed as the result of the injuries you sustained in the motorcycle accident.

This can include costs for emergency medical treatment, ambulance transportation, hospitalization, doctor appointments, rehabilitative therapy, surgeries, medication, medical devices, and more.

Pain and Suffering

If the injuries sustained in the accident are severe and caused the accident victim to experience extreme pain and suffering, they may be entitled to compensation. An attorney can help the accident victim determine whether it’s appropriate to pursue compensation for pain and suffering as part of their claim or lawsuit.

Lost Wages

Many motorcycle accident victims must take time away from their job to recover from the severe injuries they suffered in the accident. Unfortunately, some motorcyclists are left unable to work for extended periods of time, while others have sustained permanent disabilities.

If you have lost wages or your ability to work has been impacted as a direct result of the accident, you deserve to be compensated.

Property Damage

If your motorcycle and other personal property are damaged in the accident, you can receive compensation for the fair market value of your motorcycle and the other property on your person at the time of the accident.

Top Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Arizona

In some cases, the motorcyclist is at fault for the accident, but most accidents are caused by other drivers on the road.


Alcohol plays a huge role in many accidents. Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol can significantly impact a driver’s reaction time and judgment. An impaired driver is unable to see a motorcyclist, especially at night. Additionally, they are not able to judge distances properly and may attempt to execute a left-hand turn directly in the path of the motorcyclist.

It is not possible for motorcycle riders to completely protect themselves against impaired drivers. Nevertheless, you can take a motorcycle safety skills course that will sharpen your ability to take defensive action if you see a vehicle drifting into your lane.


The largest cause of motorcycle accidents is speeding. Driving too fast can cause an accident in a variety of ways. For example, the motorcycle rider will have less time to slow down or stop when traveling too fast. It’s very easy to suddenly come upon something in the road, such as a stalled motorist, and not have sufficient time to respond. Traveling at high speeds can also make a bike lose control. The rider’s chances of crashing or hydroplaning increase dramatically depending on how fast the bike is going. Other drivers can also collide with the motorcyclist when they’re speeding for the same reasons listed above.

Improper Turn

Many motorcycle accidents are a result of improper turning.

Vehicles making left-hand turns cause over 40% of all fatal accidents with motorcycles. A left-hand turn accident usually occurs at an intersection, where the driver is waiting to make a turn. Unfortunately, the motorist usually doesn’t see the motorcyclist coming toward them.

A motorcycle may also be hidden behind a car and the driver assumes that there’s no traffic behind the car passing through the intersection. Unfortunately, this results in them quickly executing a left-hand turn and running directly into the motorcycle moving through the intersection.

In other cases, a driver may be waiting to make a left-hand turn and may see an approaching motorcyclist but believes the bike is traveling at a much slower speed than it is.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving, such as eating, talking on a cell phone, or texting, is also a major cause of motorcycle accidents in Arizona.

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