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Motorcycle accidents commonly occur when a driver fails to see a motorcyclist. Unfortunately, these accidents often result in death or serious injuries. If you or a family member have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you must speak to a motorcycle accident lawyer El Mirage at the Ferguson Law Group. Our firm is devoted to helping victims rebuild their lives in the wake of a motorcycle accident. We will focus on your financial recovery, allowing you to focus on your physical recovery.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

A motorcyclist is one of the road’s most vulnerable passengers. Not all drivers respect motorcyclists or share the roads responsibly to keep riders safe. An accident can occur as a careless driver fails to protect the rider. At the Ferguson Law Group, we know how catastrophic the injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents can be. While every accident is unique, there are some common injuries motorcyclists sustain in this type of accident.

Many of the injuries that result from a motorcycle accident will occur because the motorcyclist is relatively unprotected from the hazards of the road. Even with the right type of safety equipment, catastrophic injuries can still occur.

Head Injuries

A head injury is a very common risk in motorcycle accidents, especially for the rider who refuses to wear a helmet. While a motorcycle helmet can reduce the risk of brain injury, death, or harm, it cannot prevent an accident. Negligence is the leading cause of head trauma.

Broken Bones

Because of their design, a motorcycle doesn’t stand upright. An accident usually involves bone fractures from the motorcycle falling on the rider. A fallen bike can crush the rider’s legs. Additionally, the motorcyclist can also injure their arms by using them to try to break their fall.

Road Rash

Regardless of how fast the motorcyclist was going at the time of the accident, road rash usually occurs. While wearing protective clothing can help minimize skin contact with the asphalt, in the event of an accident, lesions and severe burns are still major concerns when a bike falls over. The severity of the road rash will depend on how much clothing the rider was wearing, the speed at the time of the accident, and the length of contact. Severe cases will require immediate medical treatment.

Damages in a Motorcycle Accident

The damages in a motorcycle accident are often based on the severity of the accident. You can expect compensation for damages to be based on pain and suffering, the cost of medical treatment, lost wages from work, and the severity of property damage. Payout will usually be minimal in cases without negligible vehicle damage or injuries.

Claims Value

There are two categories of damages for compensation. The first is economic damages, which will have an exact numeric value. These damages can include repairs for the motorcycle, the cost of medical treatment, and lost wages. Calculating these damages is easy to understand and lends the most to the value of a claim. These damages represent the objective valuation of an accident or injury.

Future earning capacity is harder to calculate. The value of future earning capacity represents how much a person would have earned were they not injured in the accident. Basically, if experts decide a person’s expected future wages will decrease, then the difference between actual future earning and potential future earning is the lost earning capacity.

 Some damages aren’t very easy to calculate, such as pain and suffering. There’s no uniform value that exists to quantify the level of pain a person experiences in any type of accident. Instead, a juror will base the valuation of the victim’s suffering on their own understanding of the situation. There’s no uniform assessment available for this calculation, and it’s not easily estimated.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

After a motorcycle accident, the most important step is seeking medical treatment immediately. You may have wounds that need to be treated and head trauma doesn’t always leave obvious indicators or visible marks. Medical treatment may also be necessary to establish grounds for your claim.

Make sure that the accident is properly documented. It should also be reported to the police.

Once medical treatment and documentation are complete, it’s time to speak with a motorcycle accident attorney El Mirage. An attorney can best determine what steps must be taken next.

Motorcycle Accident Investigation

We will thoroughly investigate your case to ensure we have all the facts of what happened to leave no doubt as to who was responsible for the accident. As a case progresses, we can calculate the accumulated damages and send a demand letter to the insurance company for compensation. If the insurance company isn’t willing to offer fair compensation, we won’t hesitate to take your case to trial. With our years of experience handling these types of complex cases in the courtroom, we know how to make your case connect with the jury.

Settlement Vs. Going to Trial

The trial value of cases involves the total calculation of all damages. However, the settlement value of a case is a percentage of the trial value, depending on how likely the accident victim is to win his or her case. If an attorney believes that an accident victim only has a 10% chance of winning, the settlement value will be approximately 10% of the trial value.

Settlement negotiations will take place when the accident victim and the at-fault party disagree on the settlement value. For example, if one side believes he or she is more likely to win, settlement negotiations may quickly fall apart. Most insurance companies and attorneys prefer to settle out of court to avoid a risky trial and potentially paying out the full value.

If the case is weak, this is particularly important since it may be better to settle for a lower settlement amount than risk losing everything at trial.

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