Ferguson Law Group Reminds Arizona Auto Accident Injury Victims to Keep and Maintain All Paperwork Received from the Police Following an Accident


With the volume of traffic increasing as most lockdowns have ended, we are noticing that it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain police reports in a timely manner. Some police departments and state police districts are as much as 30-60 days behind on completing police reports following an Arizona automobile accident. Because of this dilemma, questions often arise such as:

  • How do I get the other person’s insurance information in order to get my car fixed?
  • Does the other party even have insurance?
  • What is the name of the party that hit me?
  • Can I still make a timely bodily injury claim even if I don’t have the entire police report?

Unlike other states, Arizona law enforcement officers will typically provide an injury victim with a one-page document that includes an incident report number, date of accident, location of accident, and party names. Importantly, this form will contain the name and policy numbers of any automobile insurance that was provided to the officer at the time of the accident. The name of the forms varies with the law enforcement agency involved, but these are usually called “Accident Information Form” or “Collision Exchange Slip.” It is extremely important that you or a loved one maintain this form and provide it to our Arizona car accident attorneys immediately following an accident so that we may:

  • Start a claim for property damage with the other parties’ insurance;
  • Determine whether the party has insurance to cover you for bodily injuries;
  • Research any other pertinent information about the person that hit you.

These forms are especially important in Arizona accidents involving semi-trucks. With just the name and insurance information, we will not only be able to set up the tasks indicated above, but we will also be able to determine:

  • If the trucking company is an interstate motor carrier mandated to carry $750,000 in coverage;
  • Research the safety rating of the trucking company;
  • Communicate with the trucking company to preserve important evidence such as trucker log books and equipment related data;
  • Obtain important crash data from the truck that hit you in order to begin the process of reconstructing what occurred in the accident and how the trucking company and its driver may have been reckless or careless.

It is possible to obtain these forms if the person does not have them any longer, but it can be very difficult in some areas of Arizona and results in delay. For that reason, it is important for you to keep these copies close, at least until you are able to provide them to an experience Arizona car accident lawyer. This can be particularly challenging when a person has been incapacitated due to severe injuries from an accident or killed. 

If you are the friend of family member of a person who is unable to keep this information or does not remember where these forms are due to the severity of their injuries, make sure that you secure all information provided by the police to the person immediately. If you are unsure of where to look, you may want to check with the following:

  • The investigating police officer if known;
  • The company that owns the ambulance that your loved one was transported in;
  • The emergency room staff at the hospital that your loved one was transported to;
  • The staff at the hospital responsible for maintaining the property and clothing of incoming patients;
  • The nurse’s station on the floor of the hospital that your injured loved-one is admitted.

As always, our skilled Arizona car wreck attorneys are on standby 24/7 to provide assistance if you or your loved one have been injured in an automobile accident. Just call or fill out our intake form on this site.


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