Fatal Semi Truck Accident on the 202 Loop Leaves 4 Dead and 9 Injured in Phoenix

commercial truck accident

On the evening of June 8, 2021, a commercial truck hauling a tanker failed to slow down on the eastbound lanes of 202 Loop near the Van Buren Street Exit in Phoenix resulting in a car crash involving 8 other vehicles. The trucking accident resulted in the deaths of four people and injuries to nine other people. Six of those injured were transported to local area hospitals in critical condition. According to local news outlets, the accident occurred as a result of the commercial semi-truck failing to slow down properly which resulted in the truck striking numerous vehicles in front of the truck. The impact caused the tanker that the speeding semi-truck was hauling to unhitch from the tractor and enter oncoming westbound traffic. The collision sent flames ten or more feet into the air and traffic in the area was backed up for several hours as rescue and police officers, roadworkers attempted to remove the debris and investigate the collision. The accident is being investigated by the Arizona Department of Transportation as well as a federal agency is known as the National Transportation Safety Board.

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