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The Ferguson Law Group Provides High-Quality Legal Services for Car Accident Victims and Personal Injury Victims in South Mountain, AZ

If you have been involved in a car accident in South Mountain Arizona, it’s time to get legal help. The Ferguson Law Group is an expert team of car accident lawyers based out of South Mountain, Arizona that will provide the best car accident legal services for injured victims to get the compensation they deserve for their injuries and damages. Our team of car accidents (or road traffic accident) lawyers work with clients who are injured in auto collisions, answering their questions, giving them many convenient legal options, and we specialize in helping people make sure they get what they deserve after an injury-related incident, emphasizing on total rehabilitation and avoiding any medical negligence.

What To Do After a South Mountain Car Accident

When you are involved in a car collision that gives you personal injury, one of the first things that you will want to do is to figure out the at-fault party for your property damage and injuries and contact an experienced attorney to help layout the route to getting maximum compensation and do justice to your road accident issue. Of course, you will also want to determine how much money you want the insurance company to pay you for the accident and general damages. There are many factors involved when determining fault. You will need to make a decision and contact the other driver and let him or her know what happened so that they can tell their side of the story. If you don’t have the information from the other party, you will need to hire a lawyer to help you look into the matter and get your claim from the insurance company.


Auto accidents can be troubling, but, as the injured party, you should not give up because there are many legal resources a legal team has that can help you get your compensation. One way to find out what to do after a car collision that gives you injury is to speak with a professional car accident lawyer that attends to personal injury matters. Some experienced car accident lawyers will assist you to investigate the accident scene, as well as find the other driver and file a claim with the insurance company. This is very important if you sustained serious injuries in the accident, and if there was a substantial amount of damage to your vehicle and you feel as though the other person should be responsible for it. Personal injury lawyers are very knowledgeable about what to do after a car accident that gives you personal injury. You may even find that you can settle the case and get fair compensation without going to court altogether.

Car accident lawyers at the Ferguson Law Group have helped clients recover tens of millions of dollars for car accident injury and wrongful death claims. We are aggressive South Mountain personal injury attorneys who care deeply about our clients. We will provide you with quality legal advice and representation, and can help with a variety of personal injuries, including those stemming from car accidents, motorcycle accident, truck accidents, motor accidents, and more. We are South Mountain personal injury lawyers with years of experience. Our firm’s track record of success is built on experience and innovation. South Mountain personal injury lawyers at the Ferguson Law Group pride themselves on aggressive legal representation for accident victims’ rights and getting a favorable decision for each of our clients. Our legal team deal with various personal injury matters, even cases of an uninsured driver, and ensure our clients go back to their normal lives within a short period.

How To Prove The Other Driver Was Liable?

Proving that you’ve been wronged in an auto accident is a requirement to file a successful claim. To establish negligence and determine liability, the other driver had a duty to act in a manner that would ensure the safety of those sharing the road. Failure to act as a reasonable person would under similar situations and failing to maintain the safety of other motorists. The driver’s actions directly caused the accident. The accident directly caused you damages in the form of injury or monetary loss. Without question, these elements must have existed in order for you to be held liable for the damages you have suffered.

Negligent driving examples include:

  • Impairment
  • Speeding
  • Running a red light
  • Lack of sleep
  • Drowsy driving
  • Road rage

Unique auto accidents (or road traffic accidents) claim to involve many variables, which make claims more complicated. We have the knowledge of how things work and can represent our clients in complex personal injury claim cases like truck-motorcycle crashes, which have numerous unique factors. During our free initial consultation, we’ll be able to determine who is responsible for causing the collision.

Minor to severe injuries include:

  • Paralysis
  • Back-injury
  • H&N injury
  • Concussion
  • Disfigurement
  • Welts and cuts
  • Burns

How Much Time Do You Have To Contact a Lawyer

In South Mountain and throughout Arizona, as in other states, you have a limited period of time during which you can file your claims against the relevant defendants. According to Arizona Statute Section 12-542 , motorists who suffered a personal injury in an auto accident only have two years to file a claim. As such, you must consult with a qualified attorney if you’ve been involved in an auto crash in Phoenix as soon as possible.

Many first-time car accident plaintiffs do not quite understand the enormous value of an attorney at an early stage of their dispute. Attorneys serve many roles and can perform a variety of critical functions on behalf of the plaintiff, including:

  • Claims evaluation( including special damages)
  • Facts investigation
  • Gathering evidence
  • Mediating interactions with the insurer and opposing counsel
  • Filing claims promptly (before the statute of limitations deadline)
  • Negotiating a potential settlement
  • Litigating the claim and weighing legal costs

Here at the Ferguson Law Group, we are dedicated to our clients and committed to litigation on their behalf. Our team is not only experienced but has a track record of success in obtaining compensation for our clients.

Arizona Comparative Fault Laws

Suppose that you are injured in an accident on the highway. The defendant-driver was driving while distracted and was talking on their mobile phone at the time their negligence led to a collision with you on the highway. The facts reveal that you might be partly to blame as well because, at the time of the collision, you were speeding. Had you not been speeding, you may have been able to brake or turn in time to avoid a collision with the defendant driver.

Application of Arizona pure comparative fault will require that the court assess each party’s respective fault contribution. Ultimately, the court may find that the defendant was largely to blame for the accident. The court may after the presentation of the facts determine that the defendant was 80% responsible and that you were 20% responsible. Under a pure comparative fault system, the fact that you contributed to your injuries does not prohibit you from recovering damages. Instead, your damage recovery will simply be reduced to match the actual liabilities. Here, if your claim was worth $800,000 in total, you would only be entitled to recover $700,000.

Settlement Offer

Many people who are involved in auto collisions tend to opt for an insurance settlement without questioning the payout or how much money they are entitled to. Sure, we can understand that. No one wants to drag on a traumatic event any longer than necessary. Unfortunately, settling for an insurance payout can leave victims high and dry.

Insurance companies are looking after their interests. They don’t want to lose any more money than they have to. As a result, they may reach out to victims directly and offer a settlement. Upon first glance, the offer may seem generous. Insurance providers may even try to put a time limit on the settlement offer so victims feel rushed to settle or risk not getting any compensation at all. Tempting as it may be, we urge victims to speak to an accident lawyer before making a decision, without fretting about legal expenses.

A South Mountain car accident lawyer with experience handling auto claims will take every piece of evidence into account. They will evaluate the accident, what caused the crash, the extent of the victim’s injuries and property damage, potential loss of wages, short and long-term financial costs, as well as the settlement offer itself. Many times, these settlements are low-balled. By working with a knowledgeable auto accident law firm, victims stand an exponentially higher chance of recovering thousands – or even millions – more than the car insurance company was willing to offer.

Aside from settlement issues, motor vehicle accident victims can often find themselves in a lengthy and difficult dispute with insurance companies. From undervaluing damage appraisals to delaying payment for repairs, going up against auto insurance providers can be an uphill battle.

A South Mountain car accident lawyer can help crash victims in the event that a dispute arises with an insurance company. Whether the issue involves the victim’s own insurer or that of the at-fault driver, an attorney who has experience with insurance claims can help negotiate a better – and oftentimes faster – solution.

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