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The Ferguson Law Group provides legal services for car accident and auto accident victims in Peoria, Arizona

The car accident lawyers at the Ferguson Law Group know that car accidents (or a road traffic accident) can happen to anyone and is often a devastating experience with serious impact on victims. We also know that injuries that happen during car accidents are not a “one-size-fits-all” type, and proper medical treatment is always necessary. Car accident injuries and the damages caused by motor vehicle accident can be life altering. This is why you need an experienced personal injury lawyer from our firm on your side, fighting for you in court or negotiating with insurance companies on your behalf. We have been helping injured car accident victims in Peoria, Arizona for many years, so we understand how difficult this time can be when it comes to figuring out what next steps to take after being involved in a car accident. We can help you get compensation for your legal expenses and general damages to your car, and many more.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Peoria, Arizona

Although the causes of car accidents can often be difficult to pinpoint, they generally fall into one or more categories. Sometimes actions by the fault party are enough to create an accident on their own (such as rear-end collision), but other times external factors like weather conditions and poor road design have as much influence over whether or not a collision will occur. Some common causes of car accidents in Peoria include:

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a problem that plagues many. It can be caused by a negligent party using their phone to text, call or even use social media; but it also includes eating and drinking while on the road which is extremely dangerous and often cause severe injuries. Furthermore, talking with passengers in the back seat of your car can distract you from focusing on what’s going around you when behind the wheel too.


Many negligent drivers drive with fatigue, sleeping at the steering wheel. If you are very tired, it’s better not to drive the car that weighs thousands of pounds because even if there will be no accident with your sleepy self behind the wheel; at least someone else can suffer from such an incident and this might lead to different types of injuries or death. Pulling over for a short nap break during long drives helps refresh yourself enough so as when you get back on the road again, you can have more concern about safety than sleepiness which might lead into drowsiness while steering through traffic lanes- don’t do both! Fatigue is common among elderly drivers. It’s important to obey your body if you feel tired.

Drugs & Alcohol

It is 100% unsafe to drive after using drugs or alcohol, and should be avoided at all costs.

We cannot control the weather, but you should change your driving habits when you’re in poor weather conditions. If you are driving in any of these difficult weather conditions, like rain, snow, sleet, hail, or even in a mix of those, you should slow down and use extra caution when driving. Alcohol-related crashes is a serious and common cause of car accidents.


Speeding often determine the type of crash. Posted speed limits indicate the fastest speed at which the road is safe to travel. This depends on a number of factors, including the design of the road and any other obstacles that may be on the road.  When drivers go beyond the posted speed limit, they endanger themselves and others. 

Reckless Driving

When a fault driver (often uninsured driver) disregards the safety of other people or property, their recklessness may result in a crash. Such behavior includes making quick lane changes, tailgating/following too closely, illegal passing, and drag racing. Younger drivers, and some experienced drivers, are particularly prone to reckless driving, often driving without any seat belt on. We will also categorize inattentive drivers as being the reckless types.

Red Light Accidents

Distracted or reckless drivers often get into accidents by running red lights. To avoid being the fault party, do not try to rush through a yellow light before it turns red, even if you are able to do so; and when the light has changed from red to green, make sure all vehicles are out of the intersection before proceeding.

You are likelier to get into a car accident when any of the following risk factors are present: The other driver’s negligence may be a contributing factor in the collision. Without maintenance, poor construction, or defective parts, a city’s poor road conditions, construction company mismanagement, or car manufacturer mistake are often to blame.

Even if that is so, you may still recover damages for pain and suffering, as well as monetary losses.

Car Accident Law in Peoria, Arizona

When you’ve been involved in a car accident in Peoria, understanding your rights and personal injury law may be the last thing on your mind when you are at the scene of the accident. It’s possible that you’re concerned about your own or another party’s injuries, or damage to your vehicle, as well as documenting and locating insurance information for everyone. Whether you plan to file a lawsuit or not, taking action will most likely be the last thing on your mind. According to Arizona law, if you believe someone else was negligent and caused the accident, you can sue and get financial compensation ,and more. You must also demonstrate negligence on the part of the other party and document any losses or damages resulting from an accident.

In many cases, the police will be summoned to a scene where an accident has occurred, where they will record information for a police report, and in some cases, they will determine fault or liability on the basis of the circumstances present.

It is very important to seek legal counsel and get the assistance of an attorney you can trust as soon as possible so that your interests and your rights are properly represented. The law office of the Ferguson Law Group, which is based in Peoria, has a plentiful number of legal experiences working on Peoria car accident cases, and is well-versed in the state of Arizona’s laws when it comes to car accidents. We’ve successfully handled claims for liability, as well as people who appear to be in the wrong. We are able to represent their interests, defend their rights, preserve their assets, and enhance your financial future.

Investigating Your Peoria, AZ Car Accident

Arriving at the scene of your accident early, while the evidence is still fresh, our legal team will scout for important clues and forms of evidence. This hard-core evidence will help us piece together a story that proves how another party’s negligence caused you to crash into an object or person in front of them and suffer significant injuries as a result.

An accident reconstruction specialist will been called upon by our attorneys who have extensive experience with this type of case; they are experts whose skills can be used after any kind vehicle collision to establish what happened on site before finding out where liability lies within these cases. The specialists’ ability extract meaningful details from vehicle damages and other elements at the scene means we’ll know more about why you crashed – whether it was because someone pulled out in front of you.


Compensation After a Peoria Car Accident

You may receive more compensation for your accident than you expect if you are hurt in a car accident. In addition to medical expenses, you may have already experienced some other expenses, such as your hospital bills and money spent for any other form of medical care, but what about the long-term or unquantifiable costs of your accident, or the emotional damage you suffered. Not accounting for all of your losses and personal injury claim can lead to financial difficulties later on. Damages which include both economic and non-economic losses should be taken into consideration when compiling your injury claim. At the Ferguson Law Group, Peoria, we have a team of very trustworthy lawyers who are equipped with sophisticated calculators capable of measuring such tangible and non-tangible values following an analysis of road traffic accidents and personal injuries treatment.

Liability for a Peoria Car Accident Claim

In a Peoria car accident, it’s important to understand why the accident occurred and who is at fault. Determining fault can sometimes be as simple as determining who struck you. However, in every case, the driver is not always the liable party.

If you weren’t at fault for the accident, you may have been injured in a single-car accident. A car part defect may have caused you to lose control of the vehicle, and you may have been hurt. If you’re injured by the product, the manufacturer might be held liable. Is there any damage done to your vehicle by potholes or standing water? It is possible that the responsibility for repairing the country’s roads rests with the government agency that maintains the roads. In many cases, suing a government agency is extremely difficult because the agency may very well be above the law, but your lawyer will help you pursue compensation when these organizations are accountable for your injuries.

Legal Advice That You Can Trust

The Ferguson Law Group, Peoria is an expert, experienced, and aggressive law firm that has helped many people who have sustained injuries in car accidents get proper rehabilitation and justice. We are a detailed law firm and are here to help you get the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering, and prevent medical negligence. We care about you and we will help you get compensated the right compensation for your auto accident injury claims. The financial impact and huge depth of damages your car accident may have had on you will be eased when we represent you. We will ensure you get a fair compensation.

Our lawyers will fight hard to make sure that the insurance company doesn’t take advantage of you during your difficult time of having a road accident. Over the years, we have fought for hundreds of accident victims in Peoria – even when their car hit another vehicle and some other special damages . You need someone on your side who knows what they’re doing when it comes to personal injury cases like these. Let’s talk about what happened so we can figure out next steps together!

Let our knowledge work for you. Contact us now by visiting our website for more information on how we can help with your case!


What Is Your Accident Lawyer About?

We fight for you and also put our experience to work for you.

What if the driver was drunk?

If alcohol or drugs are involved or suspected to be a cause contributing to the accident, we will gather breathalyzer and blood sample results to determine the degree of the driver’s intoxication at the time of the crash.

What are your responsibilities?

Put simply, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to determining negligence and fighting for your rights to a just compensation.

How do I get a free consultation?

If you are unsure whether or not you may be entitled to compensation as the result of a car accident, contact our office in Peoria as soon as possible for your free consultation. No legal costs is attached to this free consultation.

What is a Peoria car accident lawyer?

They might agree to reimburse the bare bones of your costs; but if you want to seek compensation for the totality of the hurt you have experienced as the result of a car accident, encompassing all of your expenses, including pain and suffering and emotional distress, you will need to hire an experienced Peoria car accident attorney so that you can file a lawsuit. An experienced attorney acts as your trusted advisor, evaluating your case and representing your interests.