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The Ferguson Law Group Provides Excellent Legal Services For Car Accident Victims And Personal Injury Cases In the Maryvale, Arizona Area

Have you or a loved one sustained injuries from a car accident in Maryvale Arizona, and you are looking for a car accident lawyer to help you with the situation? Car accident and road traffic accidents can be quite disturbing and sometimes brings with it some difficult times. After all, your vehicle is damaged, people have been injured and you have to figure out a way to recover the damage as well as seek to emphasize your rights to compensation. For your clarification, there are no routine car insurance claims, where, you can simply walk into the office, submit your papers and the company will happily process the claim. Please be aware insurance companies do not have the best interest of injured individuals at heart and typically the opposite is true. If your car has been involved in a car accident and sustained injuries, the procedure is going to be longer and more stressful. Given this situation, hiring Maryvale personal injury lawyers will help you get your accident claim in time, sort out the situation to a more cooperative result for you as well as the at-fault party.

While planning their auto accident injury claim, most people negate the need for a personal injury lawyer, thinking bringing a one to the situation is a waste of money. However, this is a misconception, especially when it involves fatal injuries. The first and foremost thing to understand is that a car accident lawyer knows the law about the dangerous situation an accident is in, and the typical accident victim does not. Therefore, getting the car accident lawyer on board will help you get the much-needed expert opinion on the case. Apart from your personal injury attorney team guiding you through the legal process, the car accident lawyer will also weigh the eligible factors and accordingly work out a compensation plan. Even during the case, the negotiations, additional paperwork, etc. are all looked after by the auto accident lawyer reducing the burden on your daily activities of life.

Types of Compensation You Can Receive After a Car Accident

Depending on the situation, four damages are included in a car accident claim: 

Medical Expenses

Medical costs (including all significant, long-lasting injury). Various expenses will be covered under the reimbursement for your medical expenses, including medical expenses such as hospital stays, pain medication, and physical therapy. To qualify for compensation, you must be able to prove that your personal injuries necessitate ongoing medical care. Afterward, you can request additional compensation to help pay for future medical bills and any adjustments to your home or vehicle.

Lost Income

In this category, we’re talking about monetary compensation for the time you were unable to work because of an injury or illness, as well as any future loss of income. For example, if a surgeon has his hands damaged in an accident, he may be unable to continue performing operations. If he were made to work elsewhere for lower pay, he’d be able to bring a lawsuit for the financial losses caused by his missed salary.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering is a general term that refers to the physical and emotional trauma an injured person experiences during the accident and the recovery process.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are relatively rare in cases involving auto accidents. These damages are awarded when the driver’s conduct was particularly irresponsible, causing the avoidable situation and conflict. For example, someone who was driving drunk might be asked to pay punitive damages so that they will think twice about doing it again and this bad behavior is deterred from happening once more. Most truck drivers (and commercial truck driver) always get this kind of disciplinary action.

Comparative Negligence

Your lawyer will present evidence that proves your innocence in the case. You’re entitled to more compensation if it is determined you are not at fault, but this can be affected by a percentage of responsibility assigned during the trial. Arizona is a comparative negligence state and so receiving some sort of settlement may still happen even if there was partial blame on behalf for what occurred; however, like other states with similar laws, an amount will be reduced based on how much one contributed to their injuries or losses.

Dealing With Insurance Companies

Following an accident, the second most difficult thing to go through is dealing with insurance companies. This is quite common after an accident, when an adjuster may attempt to contact you to handle your insurance claim. Once you’ve been in a car accident, there are several important factors you should keep in mind when dealing with insurance companies, they include:

  • All insurance adjusters are qualified negotiators in different cities. Insurance adjusters can frequently come across as caring and compassionate. While an insurance agent is genuinely concerned, they are not employed to give injury victims reasonable care for your well-being, nor will they fully carry out their obligations to you. An insurance adjuster’s job is to protect the company’s interests. They’ll minimize any insurance claims to get the highest payout possible. Disappointingly, they may also dismiss claims, blame it on mechanical vehicle malfunction, or even under-appreciate the whole picture.
  • Insurance companies aren’t required to treat you quickly or fairly.
  • It is common for an insurance company to attempt to delay the claim process after you have been the victim of an auto accident. Even if the other driver is proactively cooperating, this still holds.
  • Insurance companies will try to avoid paying medical expenses. To reduce the settlement offer, insurance companies frequently suggest that you are dishonest or that you are trying to commit fraud. Insurance companies often state that injuries sustained in a car accident were preexisting conditions. Because you didn’t want to see a doctor right away, this occurred. Keep all of your medical records as proof of treatment if you followed the procedure and treated your illness promptly. Also, follow up on your medical treatments. appearing as if you have decided not to be treated.

The insurance company will not help you or your interests if you have been in a car accident. To maximize your insurance claim’s success, contact professional accident injury lawyers. They will champion your rights and take care of all negotiations related to insurance companies after an accident. An experienced attorney can ensure that you receive the full compensation you are owed, not just the paltry settlement the insurance company will offer you. Our car accident attorneys at the Ferguson Law Group will help you get all the maximum compensation you deserve from insurance companies.

Why You Need A Car Accident Lawyer

Car accident lawyers have decades of experience in dealing with car accident cases and offer the best support, to get the settlement you deserve. The case will be reviewed at no cost and you will get quick answers to doubts and any questions concerning the case. The trauma following an accident is very difficult to overcome and it is essential to seek the services of the best car accident attorney who is qualified to help you through such a difficult period.

Many firms offer the services of expert lawyers, who evaluate your claim so that you can move ahead and resolve the case. They deal with your insurance company, medical care, police reports so that you get every dollar you deserve in a settlement. They also discuss with the client, the dos and don’ts relevant to the case to ensure that they get the best compensation.

When an accident occurs, never presume anything or try to navigate the system yourself. It is wise to remember that your financial future and recovery are at stake here. You may be entitled to compensation that you are not aware of. You may end up with expenses and losses that may never be recovered. This is why experts recommend hiring a reputed car accident lawyer who has the relevant experience and knowledge to handle the legal aspects of your case and help you establish your rights to compensation.

If you were involved in an auto accident, realize that in Arizona typically there is a two-year statute of limitations (sometimes only six months). Your Legal actions must be initiated and filed in this time frame to protect your rights to compensation. Time is of the essence.

The car accident lawyers at The Ferguson Law Group are here to represent people who have been injured due to the negligence of another person. We provide legal services for automobile accidents and other personal injury cases in the Maryvale, Arizona area. The Ferguson Law Group can help you navigate car accident injury claims and get the compensation you deserve. We are committed to the expert representation of our clients, dedicated case management services, timely consultations with insurance companies on your behalf, and affordable pricing for personal injuries cases in Maryvale.

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Why Should I Hire a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer?

The car accident lawyer will help you to get the exact amount of compensation for your injuries, per the law in Maryvale AZ. Even when the at-fault party is an uninsured driver, your road accident lawyer will still be able to determine liability and get you justice. Also, because they are professionals, they will help you avoid medical negligence or prevent your injuries to be misdiagnosed.

How long do I have to hire an auto accident lawyer?

Some types of legal cases have time limits to make a claim (including general damages and special damages) and untimely legal representation in such cases can end up in you losing the claim altogether, after a car collision. So, it is better to seek legal advice after a road traffic accident.

Can I afford a car accident lawyer?

This is where people think about legal costs and legal expenses in the process of making their personal injury claim: If you are unsure about whether you can afford a lawyer, call us at the Ferguson Law Group and we will give you advice on what to do

What is the difference between a lawyer and an auto accident victim?

The first and foremost thing to understand is that a car accident lawyer knows the law and the typical accident victim does not.

What are the benefits of hiring an auto accident lawyer?

Getting a car accident lawyer on board will help you get the much-needed expert opinion on the case.

What are the best ways to get a good settlement?

By hiring a car accident lawyer. They deal with your insurance company, medical care, police reports so that you get every dollar you deserve in a settlement.

What if I am not aware of my rights?

You may be entitled to compensation that you are not aware of, so you need to let a professional car accident lawyer help you with the legal process.

What is the legal process for a personal injury case?

If you were involved in an auto accident, realize that in Arizona typically there is a two-year statute of limitations (sometimes only six months).

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