We Treat You Like Family

Our attorneys and staff are dedicated, experienced and treat you like family. The founder of the law firm, Jason M. Ferguson, believes strongly in providing the same competent and thorough advice to clients that he would give to his mother, daughter or family member if they were injured by a careless person or corporation. “When I am talking to a client, I literally think about what advice I would give my family members if they were injured. These insurance companies do not care about real people, their pain or how their life has changed. They look only at the bottom-line, lowest dollar amount it will take to settle your case. Our team is committed to constantly ask the question – would you want your son or daughter represented by this law firm?”

We do not make promises that we cannot keep. We do not consider you or your family to be a number. We develop relationships and protect our clients. Plain and simple – we fight.

The Ferguson Law Group, LLC maintains a manageable caseload so that our clients actually know and frequently speak with the attorney representing them. The attorneys that work with our firm are trial lawyers. They are warriors in the courtroom. Our staff members are veterans in the field, with years of experience dealing with insurance companies, judges and juries.

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